Simply VAT is Hove's most recent team to join the Freedom Works Community and have certainly made their presence know... so it is only right to crown them August's Member of the Month! The lovely Holly from Simply VAT has kindly popped something together so we can get to know the team a little more... 


At we help e-commerce businesses, from start-ups to multi-million pound organisations, with their international VAT obligations. We specialise in VAT compliance services – including VAT registration, VAT returns and VAT consultancy – in all 28 EU countries and Canada.

Four of us are now calling Freedom Works our work-home but our team is 35 strong! So, you might see a few different faces popping in to see us every now and then. Most of our colleagues are fairly young and the rest are young at heart! We’re a worldly bunch with twelve different languages spoken across the team and clients in over 70 countries.

Our CEO, Claire Taylor, founded in 2014 and it’s been growing ever since! In the last year, our little squad has doubled in size and is still expanding. Holly, Nicola and Carolina are some of the newbies having only joined three months ago whereas Alex was one of the first employees.

Since moving to Freedom Works we’ve enjoyed getting to meet all the lovely people working here and indulging in a beer every now and then on Free Beer Friday! Our waiting-for-the-kettle-to-boil chats with the other Freedom Works members have brightened up our days and we can’t wait for the next social (everyone sign up to BBQ!).

As some of you may have noticed, we always try to have fun at work. When the tax gets tough the tunes get turned up! We also occasionally head outside for a group stretch or to soak up the sun.  Sometimes, food is our motivational tool of choice…


What would you put into Room 101?

Nicola - Business Development Executive: Marmite. EURGH. 

Holly - Brand Manager: Hangovers.

Carolina - Business Development Executive: Alarm clocks.

What is your favourite hangout?

Nicola: A Sunny Pub Garden - No explanation needed on this one!

Where is your favourite place where you live?

Carolina: The beach. Sunsets sitting on those pebbles!

If you won the lottery, what would you spend it on and why?

Holly: I’d buy a farm and open a dog sanctuary so that I could be surrounded by fluffy creatures all day and they’d roam free and all be best mates…

If you could take any three people to lunch, who would it be and why?

Nicola: I would take the cast of Magic Mike, but they can rotate in batches of 3 if there was no room at the table! Fair's fair. 

If you were remembered for only one thing, what would it be?

Holly: Coming first in the 200m sprint on sports day 2008. And my doggo sanctuary. Coming first in the 200m sprint on sports day 2008. 

Who is the class clown of the team? 

Carolina: Clowns? In our team? You know we work with VAT/ taxes right? We are not funny. No jokes ever, unless VAT related.  (That was a joke. I told you we are not funny.)


A massive thank you to team Simply VAT for being Hove's Member of the Month! It has been amazing getting to know your team so far... Alex's birthday was definately one to remember too- that cake was YUMMY! (See photo above!) 

See you at the July Summer Social! 

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