Hove’s Member of the Month is Scenestealer! Scenestealer have been based in our Hove space for several months and are a huge part of our Community - particularly in the engagement of all Freedom Works Socials! … Although a recent pub quiz score is something we might not want to mention…

In the recent run up to Brighton Pride, the team were definitely getting in the spirit (see photo above!)

Luke, Managing Director of the company explains the business in his own words…. 

"Scenestealer is Crimtan's Creative Intelligence business. Scenestealer is a company that creates high quality data driven and dynamic advertising for its clients. In this media world of technology and data, creative is the final lever advertisers can pull to improve the impact of digital marketing on their business. By targeting audiences with advertising relevant to their profile, interests and user journey at every touch point, brands can build stronger more engaging relationships with consumers resulting in profitable business growth. The business has been running for the last ten years! 

Scenestealer works with agencies and clients direct. We work with a number of brands in the retail sector such as Moss Bros, Miss Selfridge, Kurt Geiger Group, Osprey London, Woolworths in Australia also a number of clients in the travel sector such as Japanese Tourism Board, South African Tourism Board, Fred Olsen, Jazeera Airways, Fly Dubai and JAL (Japanese Airways). 

Globally we have 60 people with offices in London, Hove (here!), St Petersburg, Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney.”

When asked ‘what is your unique selling point?’ Luke explains, “we’re the experts in lifecycle marketing for display… Our mission is to be a trusted partner who delivers the most relevant, consented display advertising, that drives exceptional incremental ROI across every stage of the customer lifecycle. Our clients trust us to deliver excellent customer service and outstanding results.”

Scenestealer say that what they love most is about working in a co-working community is the flexibility and also the chance to meet and interact with other businesses. The team explain the important benefit of working from Freedom Works is that employees feel part of a community and get a chance to see how other businesses work and prosper!

Thank you for Scenestealer for being Hove’s Member of the Month - we look forward to the next pub quiz!! Hopefully we will have a bit more luck with this one!...

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