This month, we couldn't just choose one Member of The Month... So we chose two!

Ronnie from Atom Promotions joined us recently along with his furry, four-legged mate Bentley. I think all Worthing members can agree that Ronnie is always a cheery, chatty person and great to have around the space and Bentley is super adorable.

We asked Ronnie a few questions to get to know him a bit better...

In a few words, please describe what your job entails.

I work for Atom promotions, we are a music promotions company who provide unmissable live experiences across the South Coast. Excitingly, we also have the contract to curate the program of events and provide venue development for The Factory Live, a built-for-purpose live music venue on Ivy Arch Road in Worthing.

What do you enjoy about working at Freedom Works?

I like the eclecticism of people and the jobs that they do. Atom is a small team so it's lovely to have people to bounce off that aren't directly involved in our day-to-day operations. Oh, and that they don't mind Bentley scuttling around on occasions like a little greedy loon!

What would you say is the most important factor when becoming successful; intelligence, hard work, luck or privilege?

There are a lot of moving parts in our industry that all need to align, so luck is a big part of the job. The ladder is a steep one to climb so hard work is certainly need. If you lack intelligence, I would say get a dog with very good looks. It's probably down to Bentley's cheeky little face that most of my recent success can be attributed.

How do you deal with stressful situations?

I actually go run for half an hour at The Gym Hub. It clears my mind, by mind-dumping and free-ing up room to come up with a solution to what's stressing me out. Failing that, I just cry, cradling little Bentley. Or sit in a dark corner and imagine I’ve agreed to host a Halloween quiz.

If you won BIG on the lottery, what would you spend your money on and why?

I would buy everyone at Freedom Works a pint, then rent out Splashpoint and have a huge pool party and invite you all, where everybody drinks and eats too much until the place gets shut down by environmental health. That fine would probably bankrupt me back to work with you by Monday.

What is your motivation?

I get an enormous sense of satisfaction watching people have the time of their lives. Knowing you've played some part in people enjoying themselves, that you're responsible for creating new and long-lasting memories. Oh, and  Bentley. Bentley. Bentley. You know The Grinch's heart is a size too small? Mine grew a size bigger when I met him; That little b*****d is the reason I wake up in the morning.

Thank you Ronnie & Bentleyt