This week here at Freedom Works we are talking about the many benefits of co-working and after speaking to existing members, those hoping to come on board and a little research we have

discovered that the limit does not exist.

From escaping away from your computer screen to one of our communal spaces for 2 minutes to making contacts with other members the perks seem almost too good to be true at times.

Despite having an extensive list of benefits, we have managed to narrow it down to five key categories and these are as follows:

1.     Focus time.........

 As convenient as working from home may seem in the beginning, it is inevitable that distractions will appear out of thin air and, by working in one of our co-working spaces, you can work            efficiently without the television blasting out, the delivery man knocking at the door and landline calls which could in fact be picked up out of working hours. If there is a particular reason that you need to be at home, say young children or pets, always remember that, here at Freedom Works, we are pet friendly and offer unique hourly hot desking packages with no expiry date and 24/7 use for office occupiers where flexibility is key.  So shooting out of the office for school runs should never be a worry.

2     .Avoiding feeling alone........

Although it may be admirable to take on the business world solo this can also be very isolating and have a tremendous effect on your mental health. This point ties in with our fourth key principle at Freedom Works which is to build up our community and spread the word with like-minded people. Whether you socialise in our spaces at events, shared lunches or whilst  making a coffee this may essentially lead to a friendship or even an important work collaboration. We actively encourage members to check in on each really only takes two minutes to catch up.

3.     Network, network and some more networking...

Whilst we are on the subject of work collaborations, let's talk about the benefit of networking in a co-working space. Our community managers have seen first hand how a simple 5 minute chat has become a networking opportunity in a relaxed and pressure free environment. One of the things we are proud of at Freedom Works is the fact that across all of our spaces we have such a wide and diverse combination of businesses and a particular weakness of yours could be a strength of a fellow member, so simply ask? Do not get us wrong, networking meetings are fantastic if you are prepared and ready to present but if you can get a client or new source of knowledge directly in your work space, why would you not?

4.     Financial perks...

Although we hope you already know this…in our co-working spaces we include breakfast, Free Beer Fridays,  tea, coffee, fresh fruit fdaily and exclusive offers for all of our members as well as affordable and no strings attached memberships. As well as office occupier deals, we also offer reasonable costings for meeting room/event space hire, hourly hot desking packages and  dedicated desk deals. Along with being cost effective for our members, we ensure they are not tied down to any tricky leasing issues and the small print is clarified from the get go.

5.     Positive atmosphere:

After a hard days work the last thing you want is to leave a dark and silent office.  To ensure we keep up the great energy in our co-working spaces we make sure that we consistently play music in our communal spaces, have a Community Manager around between 8.30am and 5.30pm to assist with any issues and host endless amounts of socials and shared lunches to bring that great energy we all have together!

We really could continue to list so many other benefits but we feel these five are the most relevant to us at Freedom Works.

To read up more and find 5 lesser known benefits why don’t you visit this great article from the co-working magazine?

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