Welcome back to another Freedom Works blog and if you happened to miss last week’s entry, do not threat as you can access this one and others directly on our Freedom Works website.


The current matter on everyone's minds at the moment is Covid-19 and with endless amounts of speculation in the media we felt it was a good time to remind everyone on how important it is to keep up social interaction and both support and reach out to your community through this time.


Many business people have been advised to either self isolate if showing any symptoms, if their family/friends are showing symptoms or if they have any other health issues.


 In order to keep a community spirit regardless of remote working from home, we have gathered some top tips in how to do so:


  1. Continue meetings virtually: It is so important to carry on ‘business as usual’ as much as we all can, and although the government has advised to avoid meeting in person, it is simple to set up either a Google hangout or Zoom meet up. Both applications are free to download to your desktop and easily shared through any email account.

  2. Reach out to your colleagues on member directory/portals: The majority of corporate companies will have access to an online application with a messaging service and simply checking in on how someone is feeling can make the world of difference when you are stuck inside your home.

  3. Remain present on social media: Social media is a tool which is used for both personal and business reasons and it is vital that you stay active on these channels to either reach out to potential customers or keep in touch with colleagues, friends and family members you may not be able to have physical interaction with for some time.

  4. Take part in virtual recreational activities together: It is so simply to jump onto a Facetime, Whatsapp or Google Hangout call for business purposes so why not do this for some winding down time? Whether it is yoga with friends or video game playing- this time is vital for your mental wellbeing and you should set aside at least 30 minutes of your day to do so.

  5. Take a lunch break at home: It is still so important to keep up screen breaks away from work whether you are at home or not. Make sure you take the time to rehydrate and energise as that brain still needs fuel! 

You may also be wondering…. What are we doing here at Freedom Works to keep our community going?


During these challenging times, Freedom Works would like all of our members to have the ability to stay connected. Community it STILL at the heart of what we do and we’re working closely as a team to make sure we can all still collaborate virtually!


We’ve set up two kinds of community platforms to aid our members currently... The first is a channel on Slack for each space:  #stayconnectedgatwick, #stayconnectedchichester, #stayconnectedworthing and #stayconnectedhove. The other is a Freedom Works group on LinkedIn where businesses can make connections, new and old, share challenges and ask for advice! To benefit, please see link here: Freedom Works Group


ON TOP OF THAT did you know that you can be a virtual member for FREE if you are not a Freedom Works member already? We have a network of over 1’500 members across our spaces to connect with on our Members Portal. Remember - during an ever-changing time for many businesses, we are here to help! :)


Click on the top right hand corner of our website page on ‘Become a Member’ to sign up to benefit!

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