Over the past few weeks restrictions have slowly but surely either been lifted or eased off and things are finally starting to look up for us not only as a nation but for the entire world. 

Already, co-working spaces are seeing increasing amounts of members returning into Covid-safe spaces and new members.  

The new ‘pre vaccine’ norm for millions is to work from home.  But, in many cases this new norm is not practical for ‘home workers’ who cannot work from home for a variety of reasons….such as poor WIFI, young family or simply the mental wellbeing of being around others.  Therefore, coworking in Covid Safe environments will become the solution.

So, for those new to the Coworking scene - What are the major benefits of hotdesking?

  1. Increased communication between like minded people - The ethos behind most co-working spaces has always been based around the relationships and networking amongst business people, driving COLLABORATION. Sitting and working alongside (for the time being at a 2 metre social distancing) different people every day allows you to build professional bonds across the wider business, giving you the chance to understand people’s skill sets and responsibilities.

  2. Learning new skills- Hot desking is extremely beneficial for learning new skills. If there is an area of the job role that you would like to learn more about and potentially develop then working alongside an expert in that field is one of the best ways to pick up new knowledge.

  3. Networking without even realising you are- Being around people of different professions will allow you to rely on one another as and when needed. Perhaps if you wish to develop your website and increase audience engagement you could be in luck and in the space an SEO expert and website developer.

  4. The impact on your wellbeing- Socialising whether it be at a social distance or not is essential for a positive and motivated state of mind. Forming relationships with those in a similar line of work or a completely different profession is essential to your progression as a business person. Afterall, they do say it is not what you know but who you know!

  5. Environmental benefits- With financial setbacks and government restrictions set in place due the recent uncertain times it is becoming almost impossible to travel into big city offices. Fortunately, co-working spaces are found in most towns across the country so this will reduce the amount of time we all spend on the roads daily, stuck in that awful rush hour traffic. Many people may even be able to either commute/car share with a fellow colleague or perhaps you may even be able to cycle or walk to your work-space introducing a healthy lifestyle aspect to a co-workers world.

  6. Increased productivity- Working from home will inevitably lead to some distractions whether it is deliveries coming to the house that need signing for or certain small ones in your home demanding your attention- having a flexible workspace where you can switch off from your personal life responsibilities will allow for a much more productive work-life balance.

  7. Cost effective- Without the added costs of business rates, bills and lease agreements- co-working regardless of the location/company will be much cheaper. Often companies like ours offer unique packages for individuals and teams where increasing your hotdesking usage will decrease the cost!

  8. Decluttered workspace- It is easy to allow for mess when you know you will personally eventually get round to a spring cleaning but a simple and minimalistic hot-desk will allow you to keep everything in order and afterall, a cluttered workspace leads to a cluttered mind.

For further information or to become a member whether that is a hotdesker or office occupier in our Covid safe workspaces please contact [email protected].

Alternatively if you have not seen our Covid safe videos please click the following link...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOU9qYIRXzE&t=3s

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