Decisions, decisions, decisions - this has been a challenging year for businesses and individuals faced with an unpredictable future where the decisions we make today could dictate our future success or failure.....

David Santineer, co-founder of Proactive by Design, presents an adapted version of his 'Postcards from the Future' decision making framework to be accessible for SMEs and individuals to help give you the insight, knowledge and confidence to reflect on the options available and to make an informed choice.  By reflecting on the future, teams  and individuals can tap into your creative resources to review 'effects' and how you can adapt and innovate to meet your possible future challenges and opportunities.  He also reflects on the common mistakes individuals and organisations make during the process and how these should be avoided in order to successfully achieve goals and aspirations.

David and his co-founder, Alvaro Bravo Cole, have provided high-stakes decision making support to many sectors and individuals in banks and financial services, consulting, technology, UK central government, SMEs and entrepreneurs, social housing, not for profits, students and career changers in the UK and globally.

Use this link to access the WEBINAR RECORDING .  Email [email protected] if you would like a copy of the slides.

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